22 February 2008

Performativity 2, Call for Submission!

Performativity 2
Neo Intuition, Slight Repartee
Southeast Asian Performance on Video Tour 2008

Khairuddin Hori (Singapore) & Manuporn Luengaram (Thailand)

The Rundown
The first Performativity project presented video pieces by artists from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and The Philippines and was launched at Gallery VER in Bangkok in 2006. The project later toured several venues in Southeast Asia including universities around Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Several months prior to that, the Fine Arts faculty at Chulalongkorn University hosted a full day workshop on performance and video art involving undergraduates from Bangkok, Silpakorn and Chulalongkorn universities by Thai film-maker Som Sutthirat and Singaporean artist/curator Khairuddin Hori.

Performativity 1
Chanognun Tiraganchana
2006, Thailand

Derived from combining Performance and TV, Performativity draws its inspiration from MTV (music television since the 1980s) and historical, performance based videos which grew out of Europe and America in the 1960s and 70s as exemplified by artists such as John Baldessari, Marina Abramovich, Bruce Nauman and Yoko Ono.

Neo Intuition, Slight Repartee the theme for this second installment of Performativity, initiates participation of emerging creative talents from Southeast Asia working in various fields of the arts (dance, visual arts, literature, music, design e.t.c.) to respond intuitively to contemporary social crises which directly affects their personal lives. Departing from their physical bodies, projected by means of an eventual video based artwork; this re-visitation of an old medium allows latitudinal extension of their regular creative faculties (e.g. writers with writing or musician with musical composition), especially if integrated with today’s hi-tech and/or yesterday’s lo-tech craft, electronic and audio-visual technologies.

Performativity 1
Papain Is In
Ana Prvacki
2006, Singapore

In addition, this year, 1000 Singapore Dollars would be given out as Juror’s Prize to an outstanding video piece by a panel of jurors invited by Wunderspaze.

We hope to receive encouraging participation from artists of diverse genres (please see conditions for qualification). And all you many young, emerging artists we have met, apathetic to the one-million-and–one supposedly repetitious, clich├ęd and often sado-masochistic ‘live’ performance art pieces crucifying America, desecrating flags, spilling blood, castrating religions, maiming innocent animals, lampooning Ronald Mc Donald and vomiting Coke, here is your opportunity for a ‘repartee’!

Performativity 1
Jedi Chula
2005, Thailand

*List of Screening Partners (as of February 2008)
* Screening of final, selected videos from Performativity 2 will be hosted by our partners in the period of August to December 2008 (exact dates differ individually and will be announced later). We welcome international institutions and collectives who are interested to join our list of screening partners. Interested parties, please write to us at wunderspaze@gmail.com. We also welcome sponsors!

Specificity of Theme
Neo Intuition, Slight Repartee looks for visceral responses of artists to changes in their immediate social, economic, political and/or cultural surroundings that directly affect their personal developments.

Who should participate?
Southeast Asian dancers, visual artists, writers, musicians, theatre practitioners, new media artists e.t.c.

Interpretation of Southeast Asian status
Participating artists must either be citizens, hold permanent resident status in a Southeast Asian (ASEAN) nation or have lived and worked in Southeast Asia for a minimum of 5 years. Collaborations amongst artists who fit our interpretation of the Southeast Asian status are allowed.

Nature and duration of artwork to be submitted
Artworks (accompanied by the submission form) should be submitted in single-channel, DVD, CD (Quicktime or Avi) or Mini DV tape (PAL format) and have a total run time of no longer than 8 minutes each. Subtitles should be included for works containing dialogues not spoken in English.

Maximum number of submissions
Each artist (or collaborating artists) is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 video pieces.

Synopsis of artwork
A brief synopsis of not more than 200 words should accompany each submitted video.

Juror’s prize
An independent panel of jurors appointed by Wunderspaze will select an artwork for the Juror’s Prize of 1000 Singapore Dollars.

Submission dateline
Videos and printed copy of submission form is to be received at Wunderspaze by 9 June 2008. Please fill up ALL fields in the submission form in Microsoft Word. If you are submitting more than one work, please use one form for each piece of videos submitted.

Confirmation of selected works
24 June 2008. Artists will be notified by email when their works are selected for screening.

Release of rights
By submitting video artworks for Performativity 2, all artists agree to lend the rights of publication, broadcast and/or any other purposes necessary (except commercial) for Performativity 2 including its future installments to its curators and project partners. Please note that all videos submitted will not be returned and will be kept by Wunderspaze for archival purposes.

Submission mailing address
Wunderspaze c/o Khairuddin Hori
Room 601, Boonyamas Mansion,
No. 12, Nimmanhemindra Soi 15,
T. Suthep, A Muang,
Chiang Mai 50200,

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